The administrative palace, today under the name of Galati Prefecture, is an emblematic construction of the era and it was erected between 1904 and 1905, after the plans of the architect Ion Mincu, the founder of the Romanian school of architecture. On the building’s foundation, alongside the inauguration parchment, there was placed a coin from the time of Bogdan the 3rd (1504-1517), donated by D.A. Sturdza, present at the festivity as Prime Minister. The inauguration took place on the 27th of April 1906, in the presence of their royal highnesses, Prince Ferdinand and Princess Maria, accompanied by a number of politicians.

     The palace develops on a high basement, exceeding the stepping level, ground level and entresol, which make up the first register and a floor- the second register, with rich decorations.

     The access can be done on the principal façade, on the level of the first register, in the center of the building. On the level of the floor, the windows and the doors are provided with balconies, detaching themselves through the decorations realized with cufflinks, disks and niches, after the tradition of Orthodox churches.

     On the façade of the building there are two allegories, symbols of the economy of the county- “The Industry” and “Agriculture”- statues realized of white marble, covered by plaster and signed by the sculptor Frederic Stork, and a little lower there can be found two bronze emblems of the county. The gable of the building is decorated with a huge clock, which had the gift of marking every hour through a few musical notes from the eternal waltz “Valurile Dunarii”.

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