The monastery church is the merchant’s foundation Gheorghe Sisman, who bought the place for the future of the house of worship in 1798 and started work in 1802. The monastery was completed in 1805, as a ‘‘metoc’’ of the Neamt Monastery (’’metoc’’ – small monastery subordinated to a larger monastery). After 1860 the monastery has become the church of parish and, what is very interesting for higher education from Galati, in the period 1832-1838, in the homes of the monastery has been the first public school in Galati. The school had an elementary class, in which they teach reading, writing, arithmetic and a few prayers, all after a single book, ”The first knowledge” and a normal class, in which they learned grammar, arithmetic and geography. In the 1832-1833 school year have learned a number of 80 students. On the land of ’’metoc’’ has been built the building of the new public school from Galati, land being donated by the Neamt Monastery, the school existing even today, the oldest in Galati. Since 1944 the monastery has been re-established.

           The Church is built in the style of the later Moldavian, with Muntenian influences, without the opened tower above the naos. The church has a tri-fold plan and it is reinforced with buttresses. The construction is made of stone (bottom) and brick (domes and walls). The walls have a thickness of 1.5 meters. The bell tower, high of 21 meters, massive in comparison with the rest of the construction, is placed above the porch. Ledge is decorated with a row of teeth saw, below which there are two rows of cufflinks of glazed ceramic. The painting is done in the fresco technique, in Neo-byzantine style. The iconostasis is built at the beginning of the 19th century in the Baroque style, in a manner of the epoch, from carved wooden lime tree, with sculpture applied. The icons are painted in oil, since 1916. In the patrimony, the monastery has an important collection of icons on wood, old books and religious objects.

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